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Restoration Policy and Packaging Tips

At CHINA AND CRYSTAL CLINIC in Tempe, Arizona, we want to make your restoration experience simple and convenient. Before you hire us to conserve or restore your valuable porcelain and crystal items, make sure to read and understand our restoration

and shipping policy thoroughly.

Restoration Policies

This is a guideline for customer concerns about shipment, estimation, and liability while your object is in the care of CHINA AND CRYSTAL CLINIC. Kindly print this page, affix your signature, and attach the document to your first shipment after calling us

to discuss your restoration needs.

  1. All the restoration work for appearance and structure has a one-year guarantee. The said guarantee will be void when the property is sold or given to another party.
  2. Items are repaired with durable, air-dry finishes. They will not discolor as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight
    or extreme heat.
  3. Items ARE NOT guaranteed for food-related purposes, including eating, drinking, serving, and cooking.
  4. WARNING: Insurance is not included in your item(s). It is your responsibility to insure each item for its full value while in transit and on our premises. We will not be liable for damages caused by fire, theft, breakage, and all other perils.
  5. A 50% deposit is required for restorations over $100. The restoration and return shipping fees are due before the item is shipped and within 30 days of completion of work.
  6. All merchandise that are not paid within 30 days after notification are subject to a storage charge of $1.00 per day. After 90 days, it will be presumed that you have abandoned the merchandise, and it will be disposed unless prior written arrangements have been made.

Your signature reflects your understanding of the above disclaimer and policies. It will be kept on file at CHINA AND CRYSTAL CLINIC.

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ________

Printed name: ___________________________________________________

Shipping and Packaging Tips

All items should be sent with insurance offered by the carriers. CHINA AND CRYSTAL CLINIC takes no responsibility for damage incurred while in transit to us. The packing instructions don’t guarantee safety. But we believe that they will minimize any possible damages.

  1. We recommend that you wrap the pieces yourself for shipping if possible, unless you want to hire a reputable packaging service.
  2. Wrap the broken pieces separately in a tissue paper and bubble wrap. Put all small pieces in a tissue paper, and put them inside a zip lock bag. Make sure that the broken pieces will not rub together and cause more damage.
  3. Make sure to put at least 2 inches of bubble wrap around the pieces. Fit in a box with Styrofoam peanuts.
  4. Double box the item with at least 2-3 inches of Styrofoam peanuts in between.
  5. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address (if you have one) inside the box. We will contact you within 24-48 hours after we receive the item to give you an estimate of the repair.
  7. We do not restore dinnerware for use! We recommend "Replacements L.T.D." for all dinnerware, silverware,
    and crystal replacements. 
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